Patient Testimonials

At Age Defying Dermatology, we have a patient-first philosophy. Our goal is to help you achieve — and maintain — healthy, more beautiful skin and an enhanced body image.  We’d like to share some of our patients’ experiences with you.


Aesthetic Services

I recently went in on a Saturday to have services done by Kimberly Schubert. Let me first start by saying that she is hands down the best injector in town. I have followed her from different offices that she’s worked in because she always gets my lips just perfect and I never bruise from Botox. Thanks Kimberly! When I walked in I was immediately greeted by a new employee. His name is George-nice to see a smiling new face. He offered me water or tea and helped me fill out some on line paperwork. He was very friendly and even went out of his way to get the nurse so I didn’t have to wait. This was refreshing because some of the other staff aren’t nearly as accommodating. When I was checking out George asked me how my visit was and recommended some new skin products. George-Thank you for your professionalism! Your top notch!

Mohs Procedure

I just want to thank you, Gigi, Dede and Dr. Noodleman for making me feel so special during my Mohs procedure on Tuesday. It was scary not knowing what to expect but you all put me at great ease with your kindness, warmth, humor and patience. I can’t thank you all enough!

– Lisa

Dr. Noodleman deserves double the number of stars available!

I have yet to meet a more competent, caring physician (seriously). I was unsure that doctors of his caliber existed before I met him. He is thorough in his approach to determining the proper treatment as well as following up to make sure that the treatment is successful. Dr. Noodleman demonstrated his dedication to providing superior medical care by taking a comprehensive look at my situation and exploring different treatment options to provide me with results specific to my needs. He was aware that I had had a horrible experience with a physician who left me with what seemed like irreparable damage and made sure that he walked through the treatments with me. Dr. Noodleman is not only an excellent physician, he is one of the most caring people I have met. Did I mention that I have worked in health care for over 20 years? He personally made sure that I was completely satisfied with the results and that all my questions were answered throughout the process; calling me at 6pm or later on days that I had called with concerns. I was not an easy patient to deal with and Dr. Noodleman still made a believer out of me. I would highly recommend him for all of your dermatological and/or cosmetic needs. You will not find better than him.

A Raving Fan writes about our amazing Aesthetic Nurse, Kimberly Schubert:

As a health care member, it is challenging to find the best since expectations are typically high. Kimberly is the best nurse I’ve ever met. She is professional and an expert in the field. I recommend Kimberly for her talents. I look amazing!!!!

Thank you Kimberly for your skilled, talented hands.

Best Experience

Dr. Noodleman’s personality/bedside manner is the absolute best that I have ever experienced in my lifetime. He is genuine, warm, loving and really cares. Rose and Honey are little gold mines and the perfect extension of Dr. N.  Every experience I have with these folks is pleasant, loving and full of joy.  I am looking forward to our continued journey together and sharing the wealth of knowledge and good experiences with my friends and family so that they too may experience my joy for themselves.

– Susan H.

Mole Removal

Hello Doctor,

I’m 76 and I just had my second mole removal done with Tristen Heitz. When I came in last time I was helped by Joe. And now, Tristen. And I’d like to say how wonderful she is and how you can feel so comfortable and she was so pleasant and everything. A good choice. I hope I don’t have to come down but if I do, you’ll be the first one I’ll go to. And I want to thank your very much and my best to you and the Staff, they’ve been very pleasant when I’ve been there. Thank you.

Mohs Procedure

Dr. Noodleman performed Mohs procedure for my micro nodular basal skin cancer removal on my left cheek. I am only 32. I was extremely worried about having a scar the rest of my life. I went to many doctors for six months before finding Dr. Noodleman. All of the doctors told me that I would require a cosmetic surgeon after my surgery. Dr. Noodleman prepared me with the straight forward facts options and information and answers I was looking for to prepare for my surgery. He told me he would do everything possible after my surgery to revise any scarring until I was completely happy. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Noodleman that what he said he really meant.

I was really worried that I would have the surgery and then be left in the dark to try and figure everything out on my own on how to heal. Dr. Noodleman has over 25 years experience. He has performed several Mohs procedures. I did not have to use a cosmetic surgeon to revise my scar. I feel I can live my life without worrying that people are looking at my scar.

I would chose no other but Dr Noodleman for this procedure or any other procedure he performs. Dr. Noodleman is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, patient, honest and kind. He lives up to his word. He truly cares about his work and his patients and strives for you to look and feel your very best. Dr. Noodleman’s staff were also the most caring and wonderful people. I could really see they all were very close like family and they did everything they could to help one another. Dr. Noodleman’s nurses are the very best. Rose and Meghan held my hand during my entire surgery and offered me a warm blanket. Honey bandaged me and gave me great tips and advice on how to take care of my wound properly and Meghan even offered me cookies or pancakes….  grin

I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery. He did a fabulous job and I am now cancer free!!!!

Thank you Dr. Noodleman!!!!

Mole Removal

I love this place. It is very classy and nicely designed. The staff are kind and caring and Dr. N. is sweet and professional! During last year, an unpleasant mole had grown on my lower eye lid, very close to my eye that made wearing eye make up painful and it looked gross. I went to Kaiser to have it removed and the dermatologist there, with coldness, refused to do this procedure and warned me against it! Dr. N. removed it with ease and after about 10 days I was back to my normal face without the ugly mole on my lower eyelid! I am very grateful to him! I definitely recommend this office to people with skin problems!

– Yelp Reviewer

Acne Treatment

I dealt with acne my whole life. I was really interested in Accutane since no prescriptions or over the counter medications seemed to clear my skin up. I had seen several dermatologists before, who all tried to push different antibiotics and topicals on me, and who never listened to my past experiences with them and my sincere interest in Accutane. I was 23 and wanted the acne to go away!!

I was scheduled an appointment at Age Defy with Joe, their Nurse Practitioner. He actually listened to me and agreed that Accutane was what would be best for me. I am now a year and 6 months done with the treatment an have yet to see another pimple pop up on my back! I have also recently gone back to “Dr. Joe” for a mole check and will continue to see him for any of my dermatological needs.

Friendly staff, gorgeous office (made me feel like I was at an office in Beverly Hills!) and ample parking (outdoor and underground).

– Yelp Reviewer

My Liposuction Experience

Dear Dr. Noodleman,

Thank you for checking in last night after my procedure today. You are so personally attentive, right down to inviting me to use your cell number if I need you! I was actually out on our deck enjoying the beautiful evening feeling just great. I’m staying home today, but plan to be in the office tomorrow. I did my regular walk this am, but cut it to 1 mile versus 2 and I felt fine!

You and your staff are outstanding! From my thorough pre-op visit in Pebble Beach to Joy patiently (and cheerfully) answering my multiple emails. Rose is a delight – so caring and warm (and obviously very capable) – she and Charisma are a terrific team. I don’t want to forget the nice greeting and goodbye gestures from Danielle. She’s lovely.

I will see you tomorrow at the Spa at Pebble. The trip to Campbell for my procedure was no big deal, but I love the fact that your Pebble Beach clinic is so convenient for check ups, etc. The entire experience has been impeccable. Congratulations to you and Dr. Arlene for setting the standard in your field. Please thank all you staff for me – they’re all at the top of their game…


Laser Hair Removal Experience

Hello Heather,

Karen from Age Defy asked if I would share my experience with the Laser Hair Removal treatment with you.  I would love to tell you anything and everything you want to know.

A little background on me – I am a 28 year old Caucasian woman. My background is mostly Russian with a blend of German, French and Dutch.  I have very dark brown eyes and dark brown hair (everywhere).  I give you this information because I feel that my ancestral history plays a big role in my physical composition, especially the Russian side.

I started shaving my legs, and waxing my upper lip, when I was in elementary school. After college the hair started travelling to my chin, along the bottom of my face, and even in some places on my neck.  I plucked, waxed, bleached, you name it and it exhausted me.  I wanted an alternative but had not heard of anything that lasted. Then about a year ago my mother-in-law told me about Age Defy and the laser hair removal treatment she was going through. I saw the progress with her over the next year and was sold.

I began my treatments in September and I have seen instant success.  Honestly, it has made my life so much easier and I am only 1/4 of the way through.  Yes, the first month is a little tricky because you cannot pluck and have to let the hairs grow out. I ended up shaving. I know that some people are very turned off by this but after awhile I got over it. You could not tell that I had shaved and I spent less time in front of the mirror, picking over my face. The first appointment came and I already see less hairs. I still have to do a little bit of shaving in between appointments but it is fewer with each appointment.

Liposuction Testimonial

Dear Dr. Noodleman:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my experience when undergoing my liposuction procedure.  From the day of my consultation right up to the day of the surgery, every staff member I encountered was nothing but helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable.  Both the verbal and written information was extremely thorough and due to this, I felt completely prepared and knew exactly what to expect.

There were several circumstances in which I feel you and your staff went above and beyond, first being that I was given the pager number for your nurse and encouraged to call at any time for any reason, second was the multiple telephone calls I received at home after the procedure just to check in and see how I was doing, but the most impressive thing was right when you finished, you came to the end of the table and told me how well I did and how nice it looked and you held my hand.  What a wonderful thing, to have a Doctor with such bedside manner!

You have such a wonderful staff and you are such a nice person, you all made my experience so comfortable.  A bonus to this is that I am very pleased with my results and I would welcome the opportunity to share my experience with any of your patients who may have inquiries about the procedure.


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After Laser Resurfacing, A Patient Returns — This Time For A New Wrinkle Filler

By: Debby Alden

Recently I visited my dermatologist for my 10-month laser resurfacing post-op checkup. With keen eye, high-voltage lamp, and magnifying glass, he adorably pronounced me “perfect.” If we both were not happily married, I could have easily been persuaded to elope with this perceptive man.  Ten months earlier, my less-than-perfect face was beginning to show its normal 68 years of wear and tear. I looked good for my age but little telltale signs gave me away. My laugh lines started looking as if they were having a jolly good time when I wasn’t laughing; my jowls were heading south, while my lipstick showed signs of wanting to become intimate with my nose.

“Are you pleased with the results?” my darling doctor inquired. How could I not be? The before-and-after pictures told the real story, and the general consensus among acquaintances and friends had been that I looked 10 to 20 years younger. Two other women in my office who, like I, did not relish going under the knife were willing to endure this less-invasive procedure. They were as excited as I was, watching my progress.

Now you would think that near-perfection would be good enough for some, and I was well pleased with the outcome. But since my doctor was peering at me with his magnifier, I thought it only fair to point out the few crinkles at the corners of my eyes and the faint spidery lines around my mouth.  I hoped I had not hurt his feelings but he quickly assured me these would be a cinch to fix. Being the sophisticate I had now become, I shot off names like Botox, Restylane, and Thermage. (The first is a wrinkle relaxer, the second is a wrinkle filler, and the last tightens the skin and encourages collagen production.) None, had I chosen them to begin with, would have given me as a good a result as the laser procedure I chose.   Instead, my adorable doctor broke the news about a brand-new product the FDA had just approved. It had been used in Europe with great success.

Europeans called it New Fill; we call it Sculptra. It enables your system to reproduce natural collagen to fill in the lines and crevices that come when your skin no longer produces it.

I trusted this man and his judgment; he had already performed magic on my face. I listened intently while my mind raced wildly with the two big questions: How long does it last and how much does it cost? My almost seventy-year-old mind reminded me that I am not a beauty, nor ever will be, that I do not have scads of money, that he has already pronounced me perfect, and that I have a wonderful husband who loves me just the way I am. Do I have to be a poster girl for every new procedure that comes along?

However, my teenage mind replied, “Why not?” So I sprung on him the only sensible question I could think of. “Do you need a guinea pig?” His reply was simple. “Can you come in tomorrow?”  So there I was, back in his office the following day rubbing numbing cream all over my face and as excited as a kid with her first training bra. Goodbye fine lines, hello beauty. I did not care if they pulled, poked, or prodded. I was getting a big dose of beauty without the guilt.

Now, this may not seem important to some but guilt can put years on your looks, and thanks to my wonderful doctor I was the happiest guinea pig in the world. This was not going under the knife; it was more like being pricked with a fork.   Two hours later I left his office complete with ice packs and a warning not to be disappointed if I didn’t see immediate results, as it took time for the body to produce the needed collagen. I did not care. I had waited this long to look this way; I could wait a few more weeks to look much better. Besides, he left me with two assurances. One, I could have booster shots in a few months if I needed them, and two, when I finally got to meet my dream man, Robert Downey Jr., he would hit on me.

The next few days produced swelling and discoloration. But I knew this was a temporary stopgap before my natural complexion returned minus the telltale age lines.  All in all, I think this old face has been through enough rejuvenation for the time being. Just prick me with a fork; for now at least, I think I’m done!

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My Adventures With Skin Laser Resurfacing

By: Debby Alden

In this youth-oriented culture, we all want to stay looking as young as we can for as long as possible. Extreme makeovers dominate our television viewing while the cosmetic industry offers skin-care products that promise eternal youth.  I don’t know when the fine lines crept onto my unsuspecting face and gravity took over. Upon scrutiny I noticed my laugh lines were not funny, my cheeks resembled crinkled tissue paper, and my lipstick bled up toward my nose.

I was not opposed to getting a facelift if I ever needed one, but surely I had not reached that stage yet. Watching a facelift procedure on television cured me of that decision.

Then one day I heard about an easier solution that promised an in-and-out procedure that could be done during one’s lunch break. I located a doctor in my area that offered the service and made an appointment. The first surgery date available was more than a month away and I had to wait three weeks for a consultation.

At the Consultation I learned that what I had in mind was something that would not last more than a year or two given my sixty-eight years and my skin’s condition. The doctor’s recommendation was laser resurfacing and blepharoplasty to get rid of the puffiness under my eyes. I viewed before-and-after pictures of patients who’d had the procedure done; I watched videotapes.

Since I had booked a surgery date in advance and felt so comfortable with Dr. Rick Noodleman, I decided to go for it and paid for the procedure….Dr. Noodleman calmed my every fear, even down to calling my cardiologist and primary care physician. I was comforted by his assurances.  Whenever I called him he returned my call immediately, assuring me of the great care he would give me. I do not think I could have gone through with the procedure had he not been so patient, caring, and understanding and so willing to address my every concern.

The day of the surgery I was very nervous. Yet from the moment of my arrival until I left the office six hours later, I could not have been treated with more kindness and compassion by my doctor and his staff. They had soothing music playing and I was given medication to calm my frazzled nerves.  Dr. Noodleman communicated with me throughout the entire procedure, explaining exactly what to expect. He even kept me amused with jokes, and I was glad that he was a better physician than comedian.

After my Procedure, every morning for the next two weeks not a day went by without a call from Dr. Noodleman inquiring about my progress. He even called on the weekends and gave me his cell phone number in case I needed to contact him.

The big question: Was it worth the discomfort, expense, and effort? I know I could not have done so well if I had not had the most considerate doctor ever.  True, the procedure was not a day at the beach but I kept looking forward to seeing nice new skin without lines and creases. Today, I can honestly say that it was worth it.  I was not born a beauty queen and I am not out to prove anything, but I am not too proud to seek a little help to be the best me I can be.

Call it vanity, foolishness, or self indulgence. I call it striving to put my best face forward and, I hope, to have my exterior reflect some of my inner beauty.

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From an Eyelid Rejuvenation (Blepharoplasty) Patient

Dear Dr. Noodleman:

I wanted to thank you again for your care and patience (and skill, of course) during my blepharoplasty and Portrait® Plasma resurfacing last week.  I very much appreciated that you took the time to explain to me exactly what you were doing during both procedures.

I was REALLY nervous about the blepharoplasty surgery and your guidance and skill made it easy for me, in fact, I enjoyed the conversation we had during the surgery so much that I forgot my fear, and was surprised how quickly the procedure was over.

I also would like to compliment your surgical team.  Rose is wonderful.  She combines calm, efficient professionalism with just the right amount of motherly solicitude. I dreaded the administration of the local anesthesia but thanks to Rose, it wasn’t so bad after all.  And I really was impressed by the way your team – Rose, Charisma, and Soraya – worked together.  After observing and listening to these ladies before, during and after my surgery it became obvious to me that they are good at what they do, that they like what they do, and, that they really enjoy working with each other.  Also, their respect and affection for you is obvious.

Today I am in a mood to give compliments – I feel great!  It is only six days after my surgery and I am surprised at how very quickly I have recovered.  I made a dramatic jump towards recovery yesterday.  Just when I thought I would be smearing Aquaphor on my face for the rest of my life, the old skin peeled off and I was able to wear a light sunscreen/moisturizer.  And I was able to (carefully) put my contacts in, which meant I could return to my normal activities.   Today, my skin has continued to dramatically improve, and my eyes look great.  They have very little swelling.  There was no pain after either surgery and practically no bruising.    I already see improvement – I am especially excited about my new eyelids – and I know that the results will continue to get better every day.

Thanks again to you and your team.