Laser Neck Lift

LNL-FRONTAs many people age, the neck starts to droop, jowls begin to form and fatty tissue develops under the chin and around the neck. Using a combination of liposuction and laser technology, The Laser Neck Lift can produce remarkable results. Improvement in your appearance can be dramatic, with tightening and reshaping of the skin and lower face to give you a more defined jaw line, natural neckline and younger appearance.

Tumescent liposuction removes fat for a more defined silhouette of the neck and/or jaw line. Next, the neck muscles are tightened. Then, the CO2 laser treats the inside or back surface of the neck skin and muscles, further tightening this area. This technique, somewhat akin to “shrink wrapping” the skin, produces a visible, firming effect. While not a substitute for a facelift, The Laser Neck Lift is a great alternative for people who desire a natural, more youthful appearance with a less invasive approach permitting quick recovery.  “The “ski slope waddle” contour revealed in pictures (especially from the side) is gone,” says Dr. Noodleman. “A softer, more youthful lower face and neck contour emerges and lax, wrinkled neck skin tightens.” To schedule a Laser Neck Lift consultation, please call 877-AGE-DEFY or contact us online.