VNUS Varicose Vein Closure® Procedure

With the passage of time, our legs may begin to look less attractive. Heredity and estrogen hormones are the culprits.  Unsightly spider veins and broken capillaries can make you feel less confident about your appearance, especially when wearing shorts or a bathing suit.  Bulging varicose veins can be particularly unsightly and uncomfortable.

Age Defy’s comprehensive Vein Therapy Program treats veins of every size: from the smallest spider veins to larger, bulging vessels.  We utilize the latest high-tech innovations in vein therapy available today, starting with a color ultrasound evaluation of your deeper vessels.  Unlike other approaches that offer only sclerotherapy, we selectively and comprehensively address problems in the deeper, unseen veins to achieve longer lasting results with fewer treatments.  Your customized Vein Therapy Program may consist of sclerotherapy injections, intense pulsed light treatments or the VNUS Vein Closure Procedure.


Combining The Benefits Of Ultrasound Technology with The VNUS Closure® Procedure

People with vessels that are more numerous, larger or uncomfortable often have abnormal valves in their deeper venous systems.  In fact, half of Americans over 50 have failing leg vein valves which allow blood to pool in the legs. Symptoms of this condition can range from aching and fatigue to skin ulcers and even blood clots. In the past, these larger vessels could only be treated with vein stripping. Now we can address these problems with with an new combination approach:  first, Medical Director Dr. Rick Noodleman diagnoses the problem with a painless ultrasound test and and then he eliminates the unsightly, painful leg veins using an alternative to painful vein stripping.  The new VNUS® minimally-invasive technique closes the diseased main vein from within.  Dr. Noodleman uses a local anesthetic and the VNUS® system to apply bursts of radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat and contract the vein wall, sealing the vein in just 3 to 5 minutes. This approach allows the body to re-establish healthier circulation with virtually no discomfort. The entire treatment takes less than an hour. Patients can walk right after the treatment amd most can resume normal activities the next day. Leg pain and heaviness disappear almost immediately and visible changes are evident in a few weeks. The procedure is more than 95% effective and, because it’s considered a medical necessity rather than a cosmetic procedure, it’s covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Many people choose to have the VNUS procedure during the winter months so they can wear shorts in the Spring – many for the first time in decades.  Although final results may not be apparent for several months, most patients will experience a significant improvement. To schedule a Vein Therapy Consultation, please call 877-AGE-DEFY or contact us online.