Integrative Health Services

Graceful aging is really about healthy aging: delaying the onset of the inevitable declines in health that come with the passage of time. At Age Defy, we address both the physical aspects of aging (skin, diet, and exercise) and the non-physical (thoughts, emotions, and attitudes) – so you can Look and Live Well.  Age Defy’s comprehensive, integrative approach combines the best dermatologic care available with “evidence-based” services to reduce stress and balance emotions – for a lifetime. By reducing cortisol and inflammation, recovery time is minimized and healing of skin and body is enhanced.  Rooted in Western medicine and the world’s time-honored healing traditions, Age Defy’s Integrative Health services and programs bring science and spirit together “where the two worlds touch.” Stress-reduction training and technology, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and energy-based treatments facilitate healing and complement approaches to graceful aging of the skin. All are designed to reduce stress, activate the body’s natural reparative processes and help you achieve a balanced, healthy life.

Why See A Complementary, Integrative Medicine Practitioner?

A complementary, integrative medicine practitioner uses a healing-oriented approach that takes into account the whole person. S/he partners with you and utilizes “evidence based” conventional and complementary therapies that focus on health promotion and disease prevention. All factors influencing health, wellness, and disease are incorporated: body, mind, spirit, and the environment.

Age Defy is a healthy aging partner with the Healthstyle™ Integrative Medicine Center

Healthstyle is Silicon Valley’s only community-based integrative medicine center. Its practitioners partner with you and make use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.
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