SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposuction

lipoLiposuction is the #1 Cosmetic Procedure preformed in the U.S It was first developed in the late 1970s as a general anesthetic contouring procedure as a way to treat troublesome areas of fat that are resistant to dieting or exercise. Now it’s a simple minimally invasive procedure with amazing results.

Liposuction technology has taken a huge leap forward in the past 10 years with the introduction of laser assisted liposuction.  The most advanced laser assisted lipo is available at Age Defy using the Smartlipo system. This lastest generation of Smartlipo offers patients  the added benefit of a more defined sculpting of body areas with high definition for better results. A third wavelength of laser energy is added to the Smartlipo Triplex mix to provide expanded capabilities for greater fat absorption, skin tightening and toning, and high definition sculpting.

The Smartlipo technique is highly efficacious for disrupting and melting fat cells and tightening skin tissue at the same time! The Smartlipo laser is the most effective, targeted and side-effect free liposuction technique on the market.

Smartlipo is the smart way to remove unwanted fat:

  • It has a more effective laser lipolysis wavelength of energy to smoothly melt fat.
  • It has proven results in skin tightening
  • Controlled heat energy to avoid any overheating of skin tissue
  • 3 energy levels of laser create little bruising and minimal downtime
  • Small instruments are used to create defined sculpting
  • Permanently removes fat!

It’s important you know that all laser liposuction procedures are not created equal. This is a field where technology is advancing rapidly. The best wavelength proven to melt fat and tighten skin is found only in the patented technology of Smartlipo.  Dr. Noodleman has been a liposuction expert since 1995 and has preformed thousands of procedures and states that his patients “enjoy a remarkable change in their body silhouette. Clothes fit better. Loose skin tightens more uniformly, & smoothly.