SilkPeel Dermal Infusion

silkpeel-dermal-infusionThe SilkPeel™ With Dermalinfusion™ – Superior Exfoliation!

Superior to microdermabrasion alone, the revolutionary SilkPeel combines crystal-less exfoliation with a patented technology that actually infuses skin- specific solutions deeply into the skin. This dual approach improves skin tone and texture while hydrating, brightening and clarifying both normal and acne-prone skin.  Great for all skin types and ages. The treatment includes Extractions (if necessary) and a relaxing Neck & Shoulder Massage.



The Silk Peel Express

A great pick-me-up when time is short and you’re on the go. Incorporates the essentials of the SilkPeel treatment in just 25-minutes.  Make-up applies beautifully afterwards.  Fits in perfectly during your lunch hour!