Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is the perfect complement to our rejuvenating services.  Massage improves the function of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, and promotes recovery from injury and illness. The gentle manipulation of soft tissue helps prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and stress.   Age Defy is dedicated to not only enhance the quality of our patients’ skin, but also to promote their overall well-being.

Age Defy’s Massage and Body Therapy Services encompass a full range of therapeutic massage and Body Treatments from traditional Swedish Massage to Hot Stone and our decadent yet effective Pumpkin Body Peel, there is a treatment that’s right for you.   Pre- and post-treatment Packages are available.  Take advantage of these convenient, highly beneficial services.  Never before has doing something healthy felt so good!


Therapeutic Massage

Chair Massage

Often referred to as “On-Site” or seated massage, this service is received in the seated position and focuses on easing soreness in the back, neck and arms.

Age Defy Signature Massage

Performed in our beautifully acquainted treatment rooms, our professionally trained massage therapists will incorporate a variety of massage techniques including, Swedish, Deep Tissue and pressure point to achieve relaxation and therapeutic results.

Deep Tissue Massage

More intense than Swedish massage, deep tissue massage is built on slow application of pressure to break muscle adhesions, alleviate chronic tension and remove locked-in patterns of limited motion. Muscle-specific attention is given where needed.

Hot Stone Massage

Stones of varying sizes, heated to perfection are used to draw tension and stress from the body. If you are a fan of traditional massage and need extra help for very tense muscles or you just love heat this massage is a must. Once you have this massage it will be hard to go back to a traditional massage.


Shiatsu is an Eastern style of massage that focuses on creating balance in the energy flow of the body. Restrictions (tense, sore muscles) to the flow of “chi” are alleviated through rhythmic contacts at key acupressure points and the stretching and movement at joints. Traditionally done through clothing and without oil.


The foot and hand represent a “map” of the body accessed through reflexology to clear blocked energy and alleviate body pains, thereby restoring health and vibrancy. Sometimes intense, but it feels “oh so good.”

Pregnancy Massage

A side-lying massage for the expectant mother, pregnancy massage gives special attention to demands of pregnancy placed on the body due to hormonal changes, weight redistribution and physical stress. Care is given to monitor bodily processes.

No Gratuities Accepted.