CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Group1-029Over time, a number of factors leave our skin less than perfect.  Of greatest significance is photo-damage, the cause of most of the lines and wrinkles that appear as we get older.  Other surface imperfections, such as chicken pox and acne scars from youth, or moles and warts that can develop over time, may mar the skin.  Alcohol use and smoking also take their toll.  The result is an array of visible effects, some of which may be more bothersome than others. Fortunately, today’s laser technology can usually remove much of the damage and restore the healthier, more youthful appearance you once had.  The CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser is unique because it significantly addresses aging skin problem, effectively reduces wrinkles and improves skin texture and pigmentation.

If you would like to address deeper wrinkles and dark spots, CO2 laser resurfacing of the face and neck is an excellent option to:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Tighten eyelid skin and smooth “crow’s feet”
  • Soften “lipstick” or “smoker’s” lines of the lips
  • Lighten brown spots and blotches
  • Soften and blend scars
  • Brighten skin tone and make it more uniform

In addition, Dr. Rick Noodleman utilizes a distinctive technique for “spot” treatment, feathering the edges of the treated areas to blend them more seamlessly into the surrounding, untreated areas.

A Comfortable Procedure

Laser resurfacing is performed under local anesthesia with light sedation. Your skin will heal within 1-2 weeks.  The fresh new skin will be reddish-pink which can be hidden with camouflage make-up.  We offer lessons on how to apply camouflage make-up for the pinkness in our post-laser patients and for other people who want to cover scars, increased or decreased pigmentation, redness or dark circles under the eyes. “Skin glows like it did in teenage years. Lines, wrinkles, scars and blotchiness improve significantly and naturally while the jawline contour sharpens,” states Dr. Noodleman.

Faster Healing

CO2 Laser Treatment marries the carbon dioxide laser with a special post-treatment healing technology: Bio-O2.  Developed by the U.S. Army, BioO2 is s special wound care system using special healing chemicals combined with oxygen.  This technique allows the skin to heal much faster that with older approaches.  Alternatively, hyperbaric oxygen (O2) treatments may be recommended post-procedure to dramatically speed healing. To schedule a CO2 laser resurfacing consultation, please call 877-AGE-DEFY or contact us online.