ThermiTight™ & ThermiSmooth™

A New Approach To Skin Tightening That Combats The Signs Of Aging


Many people come to Age Defy because they’re unhappy about their saggy, lax, wrinkly skin. We now offer two new radio frequency shape shifters that effectively combat these annoying problems.  Using the “science of heat”,ThermiTight™ tightens saggy skin, while ThermiSmooth™ eliminates eyelid wrinkles.  Called “tweener” procedures because they’re between invasive and non-invasive treatments, both Thermi’ optionsoffer long lasting, single-treatment, pain free solutions—with no downtime.  And they recently received a 100% approval rating on, an online community of unbiased patient reviews of cosmetic treatments.


ThermiTight™: Tighten Saggy Skin From Within

As we get older, our skin often becomes loose and saggy. ThermiTight™ safely and effectively tightens skin and melts fat deposits in the neck, abdomen, back (e.g. “bra fat”), arms (“batwings”), and knees to help you achieve the body contour you once had.

This revolutionary technology applies heat to the tissues, which tightens skin in a single treatment with little or no downtime. ThermiTight lets you take the step ‘from saggy to firm’ without fear.

ThermiSmooth™: Eliminate Eyelid Wrinkles Safely, Gently & Precisely

Most people develop eyelid wrinkles with they age.  And they hate that hooded, crinkly look!  Now there’s an easy way to get rid of those wrinkles. ThermiSmooth™ gently and non-invasively applies heat to the eyelid area, stimulating the production of new collagen.  Most patients say the treatment feels like a warm massage.

The result is tighter, smoother eyelids with little or no downtime.  ThermiSmooth is a fast and easy way to smooth the skin of your eyelids for a younger, fresher look.

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