Wrinkle Fillers & Relaxers

Wrinkle Fillers

The aging process can cause the skin and supporting structures to lose both collagen and elasticity, causing unwanted creases and folds around the mouth, eyes and forehead.  In addition, lips frequently lose volume with the passage of time, appearing thin or wrinkled. At Age Defying Dermatology, our Registered Nurses, operating under the orders and supervision of Dr. Rick Noodleman, use the latest safe and effective space-filling systems.  No skin tests are required, so you can start treatment immediately to raise, soften and fill unwanted folds and creases, and to plump and define thinning lips.


Wrinkle Relaxers

Get rid of frown and worry lines with wrinkle relaxing treatments such as Botox® Cosmetics & Dysport™.

These injectable serums are used to soften the contraction of overly dynamic muscle expression that cause deep worry and frown lines in forehead and crow’s feet.